Hi ... This is Bruce Richert ... owner and main photographer for Photographic Memories.

Just so you know ... that's not me in the picture shown above. I would be the one on the other side of the camera. I distinctly remember this moment ... seeing the sun setting over the lake and asking the bride and groom to step outside for a few minutes during their reception so we could snap of few pictures of them and the magnifcent sunset.

It not only made for a lasting memory for them but it also instantly became one of my favorite wedding photos. Some of the time in this business you get to "take" pictures. It's those times when you are able to combine the right light, a great setting and a loving couple that you get to "make" a picture which leads to one of those very special memorable moments.

I have been pursuing this passion of mine for photography for over 25 years. This translates into a lot years of experience in the many specialized areas of this vast business.

These specialized areas include ... Weddings, Senior Pictures, Family Pictures, Team Sports Phototgraphy,
Action Sports Photography, Business Advertising, Website Advertsing, Fire Dept. Pictures, Rock Band Photography, Company Award Banquets, Company Holiday Banquets and Charity Events.

If you're looking to have someone, something or some event photographed, no matter how big or small ...
Please contact me !!!

I'm here to make your memorable moments unforgettable.